We are making computer science teachable

At Cornell Tech, we support teachers in learning computer science content and teaching strategies through the lenses of equity, rigor and joy. By building deep, trusting coaching relationships with schools and educators, our coaches help create confidence, a sense of belonging, and improved teaching practice.

We believe

  • Computer Science is for everyone. Every school, every teacher, every student, regardless of age, ability, or even interest.

  • Agency matters. We live in a digital world. Everyone should not only understand how the digital world works, but be able to create digital solutions that are meaningful. We build tools that develop agency for teachers and students.

  • Computing education is best taught with rigor and joy. We work with teachers to help them use proven teaching strategies to bring engaging, challenging content to their classrooms.

  • We learn from others and share what we learn. Whenever possible, we support the use of research-validated content and pedagogy. For the tools we create, like the K-12 Coaching Toolkit and the Computational Thinking Tasks, we conduct research to evaluate their impact and efficacy and publish those results. We surface best practices and challenges at our annual conference, To Code + Beyond, and at K-12 CS education conferences throughout the year.